Thought Warrior

You are more than what you've been told.

It’s Your Life…

When you woke up this morning, did you focus on how you wanted today to go before your day got underway?

Did you resolve to make the best of the day and all of the events that were in front of you?

Or did you groan at the idea of Monday and start to picture how most Monday’s go?

Did you imagine yourself coming home at the end of the day, slumping down on the couch and reading Facebook posts about the horrible affects of Monday’s on the health of the general population. That’s what I figured, the majority of us probably did. Most of the time we are very unaware of what we are thinking about, how it effects us, and how we are truly in charge of each and every thought we have.

Each and every thing we expose ourselves to makes a very real impact on what we do, think, and how we live our lives. One sure way to increase your chances of having a good or bad day is to think about and focus on having a good or bad day. Consciously deciding to find the parts of our days that are positive and memorable is a good step to focusing on making every day a good day.

Small steps make big changes. Try it tomorrow or start today, spend one hour finding the positive things that happen and start working on being your own personal thought warrior.


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