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Blog A Day Bust

So for those of you who do not know, November presented a challenge to blog every day for the entire month. Guess what? I have already failed, it is the 6th of November and I am just starting. Ok… the key here is to get past the past and move forward with the right attitude. I am going to participate in this blog-a-thon even if I am slow off the start line. I know I can turn this around… I can spend a couple days posting 2 blogs or just continue through the first part of December. I am committed, I can do this!

I am currently in a Masters of Creative Writing program, something I have always had a passion for but really never saw a practical use for it. I decided that I only live one life and I should go for it and boy am I glad I did. Even in the face of what I thought was the worlds worst course ever to start with, it has turned out to be more insightful and enjoyable than I could have imagined.

What is the class you ask? Great American Directors, Quentin Tarantino.

I got that Email from my advisor and my heart sank, no offense to QT but these are not my favorite films. Before the die hard fans lose it, let me explain. I always saw these as films for men, sort of like a big screen Lifetime Channel, it had a specific audience and I was NOT IT!

Fear not Tarantino-aphiles, I am slowly becoming a believer. Not that I am able to stomach the erratic and egregious violence any easier, but I am seeing the beauty of the story. The dance between character dialogue and motivation of each character is nothing less than genius. The best part about being able to dive into this new program is simply my love for writing. I had my first book “published” when I was 8 for my family through a school authorship program that I was involved in. I went to state with a screenplay that I wrote at 14 about the historical view on women’s suffrage.

Somewhere along the way of having children, a husband, a family, priorities, and growing-up I lost my connection to this medium, I feel inspired and alive with my new pursuit. I started building an E-book on advocacy today and hope that I can share that with all of you in the future!Happy belated blog-vember!

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It’s Your Life…

When you woke up this morning, did you focus on how you wanted today to go before your day got underway?

Did you resolve to make the best of the day and all of the events that were in front of you?

Or did you groan at the idea of Monday and start to picture how most Monday’s go?

Did you imagine yourself coming home at the end of the day, slumping down on the couch and reading Facebook posts about the horrible affects of Monday’s on the health of the general population. That’s what I figured, the majority of us probably did. Most of the time we are very unaware of what we are thinking about, how it effects us, and how we are truly in charge of each and every thought we have.

Each and every thing we expose ourselves to makes a very real impact on what we do, think, and how we live our lives. One sure way to increase your chances of having a good or bad day is to think about and focus on having a good or bad day. Consciously deciding to find the parts of our days that are positive and memorable is a good step to focusing on making every day a good day.

Small steps make big changes. Try it tomorrow or start today, spend one hour finding the positive things that happen and start working on being your own personal thought warrior.


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